Making future extinctions extinct through education and action

As an organisation, Planet Earthkids is committed to being an active part of environmental awareness. The organisations listed below believe in the importance of actively connecting children with conservation. More information on how you can help to make a difference is available on their websites.

Bumi Hills Foundation

The Bumi Hills Foundation provides protection and conservation of African wildlife in Zimbabwe through dedicated Anti-Poaching efforts, support of local communities in Human-Wildlife Conflict, and Wildlife Research. The Bumi Hills Foundation also provides support to the Community through programs in Education, Healthcare and Economic Empowerment.

Image courtesy of Bumi Hills Foundation.

Tikki Hywood Trust

“Utilizing conservation and education as stepping stones towards a future where humans live in harmony with wildlife.” A wildlife NGO, based in Zimbabwe.

Image courtesy of Adrian Steirn (

Will’s Rare Breeds Farm

“The Rare Breeds Farm is a unique collection of rare and unusual breeds of domesticated farm animals, many on the brink of extinction and not on public displays any where else in the world. Here you will find breeds of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Poultry in forms and colours that you never previously knew existed! This is the place you will discover there is no such thing as an ordinary farm animal!”

Will’s Rare Breeds Farm is located at 4714 North Coast Road, 2 km west of Stoke Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.