From an educational perspective

Planet Earthkids is a mobile, compact and fun filled program focused on little people discovering biodiversity, sustainability and environmental awareness through music and movement. Music has its own unique value, however, there are points which are common to both music, teaching and the general education of children. Combining music and movement with environmental concepts, the children are further exposed to simple geography, biodiversity, exercise and sensory stimuli.

The program enhances the following:
  • Social interaction – building relationships, social skills and social awareness in an environment with other children.
  • Development of physical coordination – gross and fine motor skill development through the use of full body movement and playing percussion instruments.
  • Psychological perception – recognising and interpreting sensory stimuli.
  • Intellectual perception – reasoning and understanding the situation being presented.
  • Creativity – encouraging innovation and individuality through individual expression and response in a class situation.
  • Imagination – encouraging the mind to explore scenarios not physically or virtually present, a very important concept in our current climate.
  • Learning to share equipment and space – encouraging awareness of those around us, improved problem solving skills and social awareness.
  • Long term enhancement of spatial and temporal reasoning skills – the ability to create, maintain and relate mental images, the benefits are seen in the areas of mathematics, science, physics, chess and music.
  • Development of short and long term memory – remembering instructions, the words of songs and movements related to the music. Storing and retrieving information.
  • Enhanced creative intelligence and developed logical brain functions – providing an opportunity to go beyond the thought process by physically presenting novel and creative ideas.
  • Enhanced ability to think, comprehend and understand – each child will respond in their own individual way to scenarios presented.
  • Linguistic development through singing – language and music are processed in the same area of the brain.
  • Awareness of the world around the children – fostering an interest in topics outside of their usual field of exposure and broadening their horizons.
  • Encouraging children to find an exciting and fulfilling world outside discovering the environment and nature – this results in a lower incidence of disorders such as obesity, depression, skeletal abnormalities associated with children spending the majority of their growing years indoors and being predominantly stationary.
  • This program is ideal for children with disabilities.