What is a Pangolin?

Pangolin are nocturnal mammals which are covered with scales made of keratin, the same substance that your hair and finger nails is made of. When threatened, they curl up into a ball to protect their soft underside.

Image courtesy of Tiki Hywood Trust.

They are the most trafficked mammal in the world. Their scales and blood are used in traditional medicines. There is no scientific evidence to support this. Their scales are also used as jewelry and they are eaten as bush meat. All eight species of Pangolin across Africa and Asia are threatened with extinction.

Organisations such as Tikki Hywood Trust endeavor to prevent the illegal trafficking of Pangolin and return captured animals to the wild.

Why a Pangolin?

Morley the Pangolin was chosen as our logo because he represents a large array of animals who are either vulnerable or facing extinction because of habitat depletion and /or poaching . He is also one of the lesser known species in this predicament. Pangolin are often referred to as the most trafficked mammal you didn’t know existed.

He has been named Morley in memory of my late father, Graham Morley Nott, who dedicated his life to law enforcement and the associated protection of wildlife in Zimbabwe via legislation and investigations.

Video provided with permission from Adrian Steirn and the Tikki Hywood Trust.